Flawless Glow Four Ways

Flawless Glow Four Ways

Our new Flawless Glow Luminous Skin Filter is fast becoming one of the biggest must haves in any luxe-for-less beauty collection. Its unique 4-in-1 formula is a multi-tasking skin perfector that can be used to tailor your look exactly how you want.  

So, what are the four ways we recommend using our Flawless Glow?  

As the hero: 

Wear it on its own! After you’ve finished your skincare routine, apply the Flawless Glow to your face as you would a standard sheer foundation. Start in the centre of your face before blending outwards. Build as desired! 

Primed glow: 

Use it as an all over primer under your foundation to add glow to your complexion or apply to specific areas for targeted radiance.  

If applying in targeted areas only, we recommend placing it in areas that will catch the light – your cheekbones, brow bone, nose, and chin.  

Watch Jackson Roberts (@jacksonrobertsmua) layer it under his foundation here: 

Double act: 

Generally, full coverage foundations tend to have a matte finish. That does not mean you have to trade glow for coverage - if you want to use your matte foundation as a dewy one, you can mix it with some of the Flawless Glow directly on your face, starting from the centre and blending outwards. It truly combines the best of both worlds!  

Finishing touches: 

Use it as a natural highlight! After finishing applying your foundation and other complexion products, dab a few dots on the high points of your face – cheek bones, brow bones and the tip of your nose. This will add subtle radiance while naturally enhancing and brightening the areas you’ve highlighted.  A graphic depicting a womans face. There are pink dots to display where to highlight your face

Whichever way you decide to wear your Flawless Glow, your skin will look filtered, radiant, and blurred!  

Don’t believe us? Check out some road tests from Belinda Masri (@belindamasri) and Lauren Lord (@laurenllord):