5 Game Changing Concealer Hacks

5 Game Changing Concealer Hacks

While we know (and are eternally grateful) that concealer helps to camouflage blemishes and cover dark circles, it can do so much more. We’ve collected some of our all-time favourite concealer hacks to help you get the most out of this surprise all-rounder.


If you’re scared of contour (don’t be – you can read our guide here), you can still get a sculpted face without it. By picking a shade of our Instant Camouflage & Contour Concealer that is a touch lighter than your foundation shade, you can place it on the high points of your face with our Pro Foundation & Buffing Brush – the top of your cheekbones, T-zone, and chin – to add natural looking dimension. It’s like contouring - without the contour!

Sharpen brows

If you’ve filled and shaped your brows, but they are lacking definition or a few pesky stray hairs are ruining your hard work, it is time to grab your concealer. Using a flat brush, like our Pro All-Over Eyeshadow Brush, apply a small amount of concealer to the bottom inner corner of your brow then sweep it to the tail in one gentle stroke, staying as close to your brow as possible. Repeat this step on the top of your brows for added definition. Gently blend any excess concealer with your finger or brush.

Tidy up mistakes

Say goodbye to the messy lines and blurred edges of everything from lipstick to eyeliner! Using a small flat brush, swipe a small amount of concealer across the edge that needs definition. Make sure to use a concealer that matches your foundation or skin tone for seamless coverage.

Brighten eyes

Brighten your eyes and make them look bigger with a touch of concealer. You can use it as an eyeshadow base, gently brushed and blended over your lids, but you can also use it on its own! Apply a small amount to the inner corner of your eyes using the small round tipped brush of our Pro Deluxe Eye Set to instantly make your eyes look brighter and larger.

Balance foundation

Between changes in the seasons, various stages of the fake-tan life cycle, and how much time you’re spending in the sun, skin-tone can change a lot. If you find that your current foundation is now a little dark on your skin, no need to throw it away – simply apply a lighter shade of our Instant Erase Concealer to underneath your eyes and cheekbones to balance the depth before blending it with our Magic Makeup Blender. Beauty lover and TikTok queen Merna (TikTok: @anremmmm) shows how us how to nail it here:


When concealing under your eyes the goal is to camouflage any discolouration while disguising sunken bags. However, applying concealer only to the under-eye can draw attention to the area, so instead, apply in a triangle shape before blending to disguise the bags as well as adding subtle sculpt.

A front on illustration of a womans face with triangle concealer placement

Concealer is the secret Swiss Army Knife of beauty with its versatile formula and countless uses. With endless utility and a flawless finish, what are you waiting for?

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