How To Give Yourself a Pro-Level Facial

How To Give Yourself a Pro-Level Facial

Facialists always recommend keeping up regular appointments to see the best skin results, but of course, that doesn’t come cheap. We believe maintaining beautiful skin doesn’t need to involve endless spa visits or cost you thousands. Instead, discover our tips and tricks for giving yourself an at-home facial with products you can use as often as you wish.

1. Prepare
Light a candle, put on a fluffy robe, and cue a relaxing playlist. Once you’ve added some ambience to your space, prepare your skin with our Glow Vitamin C Facial Wipes. They’re fantastic for refreshing your skin in an instant, working to remove makeup and clarify your complexion.

2. Double-cleanse
Every facialist will tell you that double-cleansing is a must. This two-step process removes excess oil and build-up from your skin more effectively than a regular cleanse, so it’s not to be skipped! Start with our Everyday Hydrating Cleansing Oil for your first cleanse. The blend of nourishing oils helps dissolve and remove excess sebum, sunscreen, and oil-based makeup. The second cleanse can be with a gentle foaming formula, such as our Hydrate Balancing Hyaluronic Cream Cleanser, to wash any remaining residue or impurities from your skin. Ensure every last drop of cleanser is removed with our super soft Everyday Luxe Face Cleansing Chamois. Wet the chamois, wring out excess water, and sweep it across your skin to ensure nothing is left behind - except beautiful, clean skin.

3. Exfoliate
Don’t rush exfoliation. Facialists take their time with this step to ensure your skin is
thoroughly exfoliated without overdoing it. It’s better to use gentle pressure for longer, than hard pressure quickly. Made with a dual-action combo of physical and chemical exfoliants, our Everyday Gentle Vitamin C Exfoliating Face Scrub reveals fresh-feeling, luminous-looking skin. Plant-based exfoliating fibres gently buff your skin surface to prompt a smooth and soft texture. Meanwhile, Salicylic Acid (suitable for all skin types, particularly oily and acne-prone) helps to dissolve excess oil and dullness-causing dead skin cells to reveal noticeably brighter skin.

4. Replenish and moisturise
With your skin double-cleansed and exfoliated, your complexion is ready to soak up all the beneficial ingredients in your moisturising products. Begin by applying a drop or two of our Age Resist Miracle Anti-Aging Repair Serum to your face, neck, and décolletage. Work it into your skin using a mixture of long, luxurious strokes and light tapping or pressing motions for a mini facial massage. Follow with our barrier-supporting Daily Moisture Boost to lock in moisture and encourage a supple-feeling complexion. Again, use a mixture of pressures and movements to massage the formula into your skin.

5. Targeted treatments
If your under-eyes need some extra attention, apply our Age Resist Active Gold Hydrogel Night Repair Eye Patches to brighten and rejuvenate the look of dark circles. Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen assist with creating a smoother-looking skin texture, helping to counteract the appearance of fine lines and loss of elasticity.

Have a blemish brewing? Unless you have a facialist on speed dial, it’s never a good idea to try extracting pimples. Instead, our Retinol Party Pack Pimple Patches are your first line of defence to reduce the look of pimples. When worn overnight, they assist with minimising visible redness, bumps, and congestion so you wake up with clearer-looking skin.

6. Add-ons
With your skin looking plump and replenished, your lips might need some attention as well. Our rich and decadent Overnight Lip Mask (available in a range of delicious flavours) is perfect for conditioning your lips. Apply a thick layer of this creamy formula before bed to encourage plumper and softer-feeling lips when you wake up.  

Don’t stop your skincare routine at your neck – complete your skin treatment with a decadent body lotion. Our three varieties of Everyday Body Creams (SmoothingBrightening, and Tightening) help target complexion concerns on your body, and have a fast-absorbing, buttery texture. Spend some time massaging it into your skin, focusing on areas prone to dryness.

Finish with a spritz of Fragrance Mist (available in four scents) to end your spa session smelling as fresh as you feel!