Skintermittent Fasting: The Newest Skincare Trend You Never Knew You Needed

Skintermittent Fasting: The Newest Skincare Trend You Never Knew You Needed

Skintermittent fasting is the newest trend taking the world by storm, and while we are all familiar with the term fasting, what exactly does that have to do with our skin?

Essentially, skintermittent fasting is about taking breaks from active products to allow your skins barrier to rest and recover. Actives like AHAs and BHAs provide incredible skincare benefits, though too rigorous a use of them can cause more harm than good.

By giving yourself a break from them, your skin allows itself to stay nourished and protected. While doing skintermittent fasting, it is important to still cleanse (without exfoliating), hydrate and protect from sun damage, to maximise the appearance and health of your skin.

If you’re eager to try out the trend, or just want to simplify your skincare routine, these are the must have products to keep using daily:

Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Our Hydrating Cleansing Oil gently nourishes your skin while removing makeup, dirt, and excess oil. When skintermittent fasting, it is important to use a cleanser like this that has the ability to cleanse deeply without stripping your skins natural protective barrier.

With squalane and lipids that replenish and hydrate, your skin feels purified, healthy and soft, with zero moisture loss. Detoxifying and clarifying, your skin will feel instantly refreshed.

Hydrating Day & Night Moisturiser

Moisturiser helps to protect your skin from environmental damage, keeps your skin feeling soft, and helps to maintain the skin barrier.

Our Hydrating Day & Night Moisturiser intensely hydrates and encourages natural collagen production with skin loving ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and Kakadu plum (the worlds richest source of Vitamin C). With soothing Shea butter and hydrating Hisbiscus extract, your skin will feel bright and restored.

Mineral Mattifying Sunscreen SPF 50+  

A good sunscreen is a daily essential, whether you are skintermittent fasting or not. While there are instant effects of UV damage, like sunburn, other damage is not so easy to spot. To protect your skin from immediate and long-term sun damage, a strong SPF should be used every day.

With broad spectrum protection and formulated especially for those with sensitive skin, our Mineral Mattifying Sunscreen SPF 50+ is the ideal sunscreen to add to your skintermittent fasting routine.

With skintermittent fasting, you don’t need to give up active ingredients and exfoliating completely – you just need to give yourself regular breaks to ensure your skins protective barrier remains replenished and healthy.