Get the Ultimate Sculpted Base with Janelle Han

Get the Ultimate Sculpted Base with Janelle Han

Makeup artist, influencer and MAFs icon Janelle Han knows a thing or two about looking your best when you’re in front of a camera. While not all of us will appear on TV, the methods for a sculpted television appearance are the same for everyday events – especially if there are going to be photos taken. And, when you think about it, when was the last time you went to an event and did not get a photo? 

After applying her base products (for an in-depth guide on acing a luminous base click here), she jumps straight into adding dimension.  

Using the Instant Contour Cream Bronzer, Han applies it “all over the cheekbones [and] the jawline.” A lot of people don’t realise, Han says, is that “you have to do the nose.” If you do the rest of your face, but not the nose “your face is going to look really one dimensional and it’s not going to look even.” 

She blends the contour up her nose all the way to her brows to give a seamless illusion.  

For cheeks, forehead and jaws, Han recommends the “3 and E technique.” By applying your contour in the shape of a three or capital E, you will apply a balanced amount of contour to your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline for instant and easy sculpt, for every face type.  

An illustration of a woman with contour on her face in the shape of an E on one side and a 3 on the other

To get the perfect natural sculpt, she recommends doing “a mix of patting and blending” to buff the contour into the skin.  

If you have ever had your makeup professionally done, you may notice that they put on a LOT of blush, which Han tells us is due to the simple fact that “it fades so much on camera.” Using the Highlight & Glow Wand in Blush Glow, she applies it to her cheeks and to “melt [it] seamlessly into the cream contour, [she] uses the exact same brush so it kind of melts the products together.”  

If there is any remaining product left on her brush, Han will gently dab it onto the centre of her nose.  

Han’s go-to look is a bronzed look that “almost looks wet.” To get the look she uses the Highlight & Glow Wand in Bronze Glow on top of the cheekbones before tapping it into the blush. To amp up the dimension, she will “go back in with the contour and add a little bit more. Just a bit!” 

Using our new Luminous Highlighter Pen, Han goes back in to define any areas that she wants to look bright and refreshed, saying that “this makes such a difference to how polished your makeup can look.” 

The final step in her routine? “Baking! This is going to stop you from looking oily in photos and just make your skin look like its glowy in all the areas you want it to be.” Not only does this allow the highlighted areas to literally shine, it also helps to set your makeup. 

Watch Janelle’s full tutorial here: